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Black stools

Our black stools are the perfect accessory for your kitchen. We use strong and durable materials so that they can accompany you through many breakfasts. You can also choose from other colours such as white or pink stools if you're feeling a bit more creative.

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Tall Black Design Stools

Tall designer stools are an ideal addition to any good modern kitchen. Their elevated appearance makes them very eye-catching, and they can be used in an elegant setting as well as in a more informal and relaxed one. You can use them for breakfast every morning at your dining table or to celebrate a meeting with friends over a good cup of coffee. In addition, although their manufacturing materials are extremely resistant and durable, they are also quite light, so you can transport them very easily, either to move them to another room or if you have to make some kind of move. Some of the materials available are wood, metal, polypropylene...

 Low Design Stools

The low stools are a very original alternative that gives you a new approach to eating. You can use them as auxiliary furniture. Many cultures have their meals almost at ground level, and now you can try this experience with your family or friends. All our designs have a modern and special touch. And if you're feeling inspired, in addition to black, you can choose from many other eye-catching varieties. Get the most out of your kitchen. White stools are also available. Ask at The masie so we can help you with everything you need for your home.

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