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The lamps were created to be able to give light to our rooms once the sun went down, but today they have already become one more element of home decoration. A wall lamp, a chandelier type ceiling lamp, a floor lamp,... lamps can be the touch you are looking for to give the last touch to your ceilings or walls. With the table lamps, decorative lamps and garden lamps that we offer you, it will be very easy to decorate your home and/or office. Discover at The Masie, your designer lighting store, endless lighting materials such as metal, wooden lamps, plastic lamps, colored lighting, shapes and styles. Exclusive designs to create a fantastic home!

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Buying lamps for your home can contribute that special touch of luminosity and style you are looking for to go from having a house to a home. Good lighting of spaces allows you to delimit spaces and even create new ones without making reforms, only adding different points of light with lamps. Buy online the perfect lamp only in The Masie.

Types of lamps

Desktop lamps: table lamps are ideal to place on the tables because they provide direct light and create a much more relaxed environment. Essential for reading lovers in bed and for students. In addition to its functionality, a good design will make it a main element of your decoration.

Ceiling lamps: ceiling lamps are the most common and necessary inside a home. Depending on the instance and the importance we want to give a different roof lamp. For example, for a large room, we recommend looking at its distribution and the number of spaces. Through lighting with ceiling lamp we can delimit each of the spaces better.

Foot lamps: foot lamps provide a hrefic and elegant appearance. They are able to create a warm and uniform environmental light. Although they are almost always located in the living room, they can be the perfect element of lighting and decoration of rooms and offices.

Wall and roof appliques: perfect for small homes and points where the less light, such as stairs or a hall. Locating appliques at strategic points will give the necessary lighting and will provide a distinguished touch to that space, whether you choose appliques that stand out as more minimalist appliques.

Decorative lighting: decorative lighting is a fun way to add environmental light to your rooms or even your garden and it looks very good both in the trees and inside your home . Although you can better appreciate the environment they achieve in a dark or night environment.

Outdoor lamps: illuminates and brings a special touch to your garden or terrace. In The Masie, you can find both small minimalist appliques and more striking exterior lamps that will contribute a special design to the stay.

Before choosing a lamp, we always recommend thinking about the space where it will be located. For example, if you are looking to give your dining room or living room more, you might be interested in the foot or ceiling lamps. If in your case you are looking for bedroom lamps, in addition to the previous ones mentioned, the table lamps will also be very useful. On the contrary, if the space is open as a garden or terrace, the wall appliques or exterior lamps will be of interest to you. The lamps have great versatility, so even more recommended areas than others, it can always vary according to your tastes or even the environment you are looking for in a certain area.

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