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The design tables are an important part of our home, so in The Masie we offer you a multitude of designs and different styles. Look at our online design catalog and discover, among others, the dining room tables, center tables, auxiliary tables, night stands, dressers... You can create office spaces with the outdoor tables. Combine them with our design chairs and give it a touch of personality with decorative vases. Enjoy our night tables and give a different touch to your home, filling it with life and style.

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The importance of a designer table in your home

Design tables are not simply furniture; they are elements that go beyond their basic function and become true protagonists of our spaces. At The Masie we are guided by a very clear philosophy, in which we believe that choosing a designer table is not just about finding a place to place objects, but about incorporating a piece that enhances utility and aesthetics in every corner of your home. The versatility of our tables is manifested in their ability to adapt to different purposes. A dining table is not only used for family meals, but is also a meeting point where laughter and experiences are shared. Coffee tables, on the other hand, are not just bookends for books and decorations, but add a distinctive touch to your living room, becoming the centre of conversation among friends.

What types of tables can I find at The Masie?

In The Masie's fascinating world of furniture, diversity and quality converge to give you a unique experience in choosing modern style tables. We have alternatives for every area of the home, all kinds of spaces and moments to share under an avant-garde design. Below you can see all the varieties.

Dining Room Tables

In The Masie universe, designer dining tables are the centrepiece of family gatherings and celebrations. Make every meal or celebration a special moment thanks to our natural wood tables or for those looking for something more daring, our aluminium pieces in different colours.

Auxiliary Tables

Designer side tables at The Masie are much more than just companions; they are small jewels that elevate the aesthetics of your spaces. Their presence in living rooms or bedrooms not only offers additional surfaces, but also becomes a decorative element that reflects your unique style.

Extending Tables

Versatility takes centre stage with The Masie extendable tables. Designed with modern lines and innovative functionality, these tables adapt to your changing needs. Whether for intimate dinners or larger gatherings, these tables offer the flexibility you need, as they can easily adapt to any type of situation with ease.

Garden Tables

Enjoying the outdoors in style is possible thanks to our garden tables. With a modern and sturdy design, these tables are not only functional, but also create a chic atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.

What styles of decoration do The Masie tables come in?

Below you can see how the importance of design not only defines our tables, but also offers tangible advantages by transforming your spaces into contemporary and sophisticated environments.

Vanguard Style

Avant-garde style in décor is distinguished by its bold and experimental approach. At The Masie, we embrace this style that breaks with convention, incorporating innovative designs and out-of-the-ordinary materials. The avant-garde tables we offer are unique pieces that defy expectations, bringing a touch of boldness to any space. The combination of geometric shapes, contrasting materials and flowing lines defines the distinctive character of our avant-garde tables, making them pieces that transcend convention.

Modern style

If you are a fan of the minimalist philosophy and "less is more" then you should take a look at our modern tables. With high quality materials and neutral colours, these pieces are a representation of contemporary sophistication, perfect for those looking for a balance between modern aesthetics and functional practicality. Try combining their colours for a unique, eye-catching combination.

Contemporary Style

The contemporary environment fuses elements from different eras and styles, creating an eclectic and dynamic approach. At The Masie, we celebrate the versatility of contemporary style by offering tables that capture the essence of today. Our contemporary tables are characterised by a harmonious combination of clean lines and striking details. Do you have any questions during the purchasing process? Our customer service department will provide you with personalised attention to your needs.

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