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Garden furniture

Outdoor rooms allow us the possibility of holding social gatherings or simply enjoying a nice sunny day from home. At The Masie we want you to enjoy these moments in the most comfortable way possible, accompanied by first class designer garden furniture. We have essential pieces for any terrace or avant-garde garden, such as hammocks, sun loungers, chairs or even furniture for swimming pools. Dive into our outdoor catalogue full of products capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions, easily transportable from one room to another, and with a design capable of attracting all eyes.

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Take your garden to the next level

Your garden deserves furniture that uses the best technology to withstand the weather conditions of an outdoor area, that is why at The Masie we work with very durable and resistant materials, such as steel, polypropylene or synthetic aluminium rattan. Thanks to this technology we can assure you that you will enjoy your pieces for a great number of years, as well as being very easy to transport from one area of the house to another in case of need, but we assure you that you will want to have them in your garden all the time.

Bright and Bright Colours

From intense reds that arouse passion to soothing blues that invite tranquillity, our furniture fuses the elegance of steel with the strength of synthetic rattan. The variety of colours, from natural woods that connect with the essence of the environment to metallic greys that add a contemporary touch, offers a range of possibilities for you to find the perfect combination that reflects your personality and style.

Choose the piece that best suits you

Within our collections you can choose between different pieces of garden furniture according to your specific needs. Here are some of our main products.

Garden Chairs to enjoy the good weather

Immerse yourself in the exceptional comfort of our garden chairs, where every detail is designed to embrace your lifestyle. From modern models with vibrant colours that liven up your gatherings to natural wood options that add warmth to your outdoor space, our chairs are more than just seating; they are expressions of your personality that will transform every moment into a unique experience.

Garden tables for unforgettable gatherings

Our garden tables are much more than platforms for your gatherings; they are settings for conversations that last. From modern tables that are the epicentre of outdoor living to elegant sets that create a gastronomic atmosphere, choose the table that will be at the heart of your shared moments, bringing elegance and style to every gathering.

Hammocks to disconnect

Wrap yourself in moments of peace and serenity with our hammocks. Designed to weave a cocoon of tranquillity, our hammocks are more than just accessories; they are sensory experiences. From colourful options that add vibrancy to your garden to natural fabrics that invite calm, select the hammock that becomes the perfect spot to enjoy moments of rest and serenity.

Loungers with maximum comfort

Discover the art of relaxation with our sun loungers. Designed to be much more than outdoor beds, our sun loungers are masterpieces that elevate the concept of relaxation. From modern styles that dazzle poolside to cosy options that invite reading in the sun, choose the lounger that becomes your personal retreat, fusing comfort and style in one place.

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