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Your home is a space where you spend many hours and having a pleasant atmosphere is very important. Therefore, in The Masie we offer you a wide variety of decoration objects, so you can beautify your home or your favorite corners. We have a large range of decorative vases, decorative pots, modern shelves for the decoration of your living room, decoration of your room, terrace decoration, kitchen decoration, etc. Decorative mirrors to provide a touch of color to your rooms with interior decoration, carpets, and coat hangers for rooms or bedrooms and much more with the most avant-garde style and with the best quality. Many of our products are handmade and will be unique for you!

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Home decoration online

Are you looking to give a new look to your home? In our decoration section you can find a multitude of accessories, from mirrors to decorative lighting or rugs. By simply replacing or adding any of these accessories you can create unique and personal spaces.

Tips to buy decoration

When buying online decoration it is important to seek harmony between current furniture and new decorative elements. Achieving harmony between all decorative elements. If you want to make a purchase of online decoration without regretting how it is once you place it in the space you had thought, we recommend that you follow these tips:

    1. focus on a single space: Place yourself in the space you want to redecorate, such as your living room. Think only decorative objects that you think they can give you value to the current decoration

    2. creates a list of decoration objects: points all the decorative elements that you think they can give you a unique touch. They do not need to be concrete objects, they can be more generic categories such as carpets or vases.

    3. Determine your color palette: one of the easiest ways to achieve harmony between all decoration of an environment is to establish a color palette. You can always add small details in other shades, but try to have a maximum of 3 colors that prevail. If you are going to redecorate several spaces we recommend that you notice it on a paper or in the notes of your mobile so as not to forget it

    4. Look for the decoration that fits you the most and inspire yourself in The Masie: now that you already know what you are looking for, focus on the category that best suits and let your spirit of interior decorator flow.

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