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Standing lamps

What better than a floor lamp to illuminate our reading moments in a modern armchair? Floor lamps can be a great option when it comes to improving the lighting in those corners where the light levels are not sufficient and where we cannot install a fixed lamp. Floor lamps have the advantage that they can be moved to any room without any effort, so they can be used as auxiliary lamps. Floor lamps usually allow not only their displacement, but also their regulation to direct the lighting where it is most convenient for us. In The Masie we know how important it is that your modern floor lamp combines with the decoration of a living room and that is why we offer you a wide catalogue of floor lamps for you to choose the ideal one.

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Buy floor lamps at The Masie

Buying floor lamps has never been easier. We have a wide selection of original and modern floor lamps in all shapes, colours and sizes to complete the décor of any room in your home. Whether you're looking for a modern, contemporary or traditional lamp, you'll find the perfect one here - shop the latest lighting trends at The Masie!

Floor lamps, a home lighting classic

Floor lamps are an essential part of creating well-lit spaces in any room of the house. In our online shop you will find lamps with elegant and avant-garde designs. These lamps are functional and versatile, the socket can be wherever you choose, so they are ideal to complement ceiling lamps. Each one will provide a different type of light depending on what is needed at any given moment.

Different types of floor lamps

Floor lamps provide a soft, ambient light that enhances the look of your room. They are great for adding atmosphere and creating a relaxing ambience to any space. Depending on their shape and function you can find the following types of floor lamps:

Classic floor lamps

They are a classic, consisting of a long, straight base and frame and a lampshade at the highest end. They are used to divide the space and enrich it as a decorative piece.

Arc lamps

The main feature of this type of lamp is the curved frame. The light falls from above, which allows you to move it and put the spotlight on a specific space. Very useful for when you are on the sofa reading your favourite book or looking at your mobile phone.

Ceiling oriented lamps

They receive this name because the light falls directly upwards, towards the ceiling. They are very original and perfect for homes with their own style and for darker ceilings.

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