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Umbrellas and parasols

Protect your skin from the sun and UV rays with the new parasols and sunshades from The Masie. We present a new collection with minimalist lines but 100% functional, perfect for adding that extra comfort to your garden or outdoor pool without sacrificing a modern and attractive design. Its large size will allow you to cover yourself from the sun while you enjoy a good book on your sun lounger or garden chair. All our parasols are foldable, so they won't take up much space in your home on days when the sun is not shining. Below you can see all the products we have available for you.

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The joy comes to your garden with our parasols

The Masie parasols and modern sun umbrellas come to bring a touch of style and colour to your garden during the hottest months of the year. Made from the highest quality polyester, they help to reflect and protect you from the sun's UV rays, providing a comfortable and safe space for the family, ideal for integrating with pool or outdoor garden furniture. All our umbrellas have a modern and attractive design, perfect for stimulating creativity and accompanying many afternoons of reading or relaxing in the sunshine. They are also lightweight and easily transportable.

Materials Used for our Parasols and Modern Sun Umbrellas

At The Masie we use top quality materials for our parasols and sun umbrellas. Thanks to these combinations, we are able to achieve an eye-catching design accompanied by an unparalleled robustness and lightness.


This high quality material not only provides effective cover against the sun and elements, but is also easy to maintain. Its light weight makes it easy to handle and store, while its weather resistance ensures long-lasting durability. Enjoy outdoor spaces in style and comfort thanks to the unique properties of polyester in our creations.


This corrosion resistant material provides a robust structure without compromising on weight, allowing for easy mobility and handling. Aluminium's combination of lightness and strength ensures a stylish and durable solution for your outdoor space. Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics with our aluminium creations.

Wood and Fabric

Wood, with its natural grace, brings a touch of rusticity and authenticity, while fabric envelops the environment with softness and charm. These materials merge in a harmonious dance, creating parasols that not only provide shade, but also immerse you in an oasis of elegance and comfort. Discover the art of nature and design in every corner of your outdoor space with our wood and fabric parasols.

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