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Polypropylene carpets

More and more homes are opting for polypropylene carpets due to the versatility and modern look they offer. But these are not their only advantages, as they are also very easy and comfortable to clean, waterproof and with very customisable designs due to the characteristics of this material. Below you can find our main collections, and we also list some of their main benefits.

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Ease of Cleaning and Conservation

Polypropylene carpets stand out, without a doubt, for their innate resistance to natural elements such as sunlight, thus avoiding the dreaded discolouration due to the passage of time. In addition, they are also stain resistant, so there is no need to worry about spills of liquids or food that may occur in the kitchen or dining room.

When it comes to cleaning, all you need to do is wash with mild soap and water. This is a great differential factor compared to other types of carpet, as its impermeability facilitates excellent drying and its great resistance guarantees that it will be able to withstand many gentle washes, thus facilitating good conservation for many years.

A Good Option for Avoiding Allergens

Polypropylene is a non-porous fibre, which means that it does not easily trap dust, dust mites or other common allergens in the home. In addition, it does not emit particles into the air, reducing the risk of respiratory irritation for all members of the household.

This characteristic means that polypropylene carpets are considered a hypoallergenic option, and therefore recommended for people with a tendency to suffer from allergies, respiratory irritation or even asthma.

Modern and functional style for your home

The process of creating polypropylene is characterised by being very flexible and allows the conception of a wide variety of designs according to preferences. At The Masie we love to go for modern and contemporary styles that fit in with contemporary homes that are concerned with interior design.

Our polypropylene carpets will bring harmony and functionality to any of your rooms. If you want to focus your décor around this material, we also have polypropylene chairs.

Winning Combinations

As mentioned above, this type of carpet can be easily adapted to any style of decoration. We recommend using other accessories to achieve a winning combination in your living room or dining room:

Flowerpots: To add a green and natural touch to your home. They are also an excellent decorative complement.

Vases: At The Masie we have very colourful vases, perfect to match your rugs.

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