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Table linen

At The Masie we want every meal or celebration to become a unique event accompanied by elegant design. In our continuous search for innovation and quality, we present a unique collection that goes beyond conventional limits. Discover how our table linen, imbued with creativity and avant-garde, can elevate your special moments to new heights of elegance and distinction. Immerse yourself in the world of The Masie table linen, where every detail tells a story of authenticity and passion for contemporary design.

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Dress up your table with a modern tablecloth

The choice of a good tablecloth is a very important point in interior decoration, even more so when we are talking about what can be the meeting point par excellence in the home: the dining table. It is important to dress our table with elegant designs, just as we do with our own clothes. In a context where originality and attention to detail are key, table linen plays a fundamental role in providing versatility, creating cosy atmospheres and highlighting a commitment to contemporary aesthetics. But it is not only the design that is important, it is also important to pay close attention to the durability of the materials, so that we can use the tablecloth for many meals, Christmas celebrations, parties... And that it can be adapted to other types of furniture, such as garden tables. The sum of all these elements will make this the perfect product.

What kind of tablecloths can I find at The Masie?

At The Masie we have many options for lovers of modern decoration. Each collection has different shapes and cuts, while each product is available in various colours. At the same time, it is important to make a distinction according to their sizes, the most important being the following:


Placemats are small works of art that add a distinctive touch to every place setting. Their function goes beyond protecting the surface; they are pieces designed to highlight the tableware and emphasise individuality in the presentation of each diner. These tablecloths become the ideal choice for expressing creativity in table settings, allowing you to mix and match designs to achieve a personalised aesthetic. They are also an excellent choice for a small flat or one that does not usually receive many visitors.

Tablecloths for Dining Tables

The big stars of the weekends. Their generous size and high quality materials not only protect the table, but also set an elegant backdrop for sharing special moments. These tablecloths fuse functionality and style, providing an impeccable base for the presentation of meals and becoming key pieces in defining the overall aesthetics of the dining room.

Hospitality tablecloths

When elegance meets durability, hospitality tablecloths are born. Designed to withstand constant use in commercial environments, these tablecloths do not compromise on style. Their high quality fabric and easy care make them the perfect choice for restaurants, hotels and events.

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