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Wooden chairs

Wood continues to be the star material with which to decorate our home. At The Masie we know what works and that's why we have a wide variety of wooden chairs that will help you bring warmth and design to your home. With different colours, materials and styles, our wooden chairs are the ideal furniture to spend your family meals, rest after a long day or simply to work.

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When it comes to decorating our home, we look for a design that brings us warmth and comfort, and at The Masie we have it. We have a wide variety of wooden chairs that meet these requirements, offering a versatile solution for the needs that arise in the different spaces of the house. The use of these chairs in decoration allows us to combine warmth, design and durability. In addition, the addition of a natural touch and the possibility of choosing a model according to your tastes make wooden chairs an attractive and timeless option for any home or office.

Types of wooden chairs

At The Masie we like to be a reference within the latest modern and avant-garde trends. Therefore, we have a wide range of wooden chairs for any style and space. Below we talk about some of them present in our collections.

Wooden dining room chairs

Dining room furniture plays a crucial role, being the meeting point with friends and family, as well as being part of our routine. For this reason, our wooden dining room chairs have a series of essential characteristics. These include durability, which guarantees resistance to continuous use without compromising ergonomics. In addition, their design includes enveloping and padded armrests or backrests, providing greater comfort and convenience.

Finally, style is another highlight, as thanks to the diversity of options available, you can select a set of dining tables and chairs that complement your décor, thus contributing to create a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere where you can enjoy memorable moments together with your loved ones.

Wooden garden chairs

When it comes to wooden garden chairs, weather resistance is essential. Our chairs are made from durable materials to withstand exposure to sun, rain and moisture. They are also lightweight and easy to transport from room to room.

Thanks to the variety of styles, you can choose a model that perfectly complements your garden, creating a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Wooden desk chairs

The desk is the place where ideas are born. That is why our wooden chairs are ergonomic and provide comfort thanks to their armrests and enveloping backrests with which you will be able to face long hours of work.


The materials are a characteristic to take into account when buying new furniture. These will provide us with more durability, resistance and design in our home. Below we are going to talk about the main materials that we have at The Masie:

Natural Wood

Natural wood offers a warm and organic feel, creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the home or office. In addition, its versatility allows for a wide variety of finishes and colours, easily adapting to any decorative style. At The Masie we select the best materials to guarantee great durability.

Wood and metal

The combination of wood and metal is a modern and sophisticated option for those who are looking for an industrial touch in their decoration. At The Masie, we fuse these two materials in a harmonious way to create chairs that stand out for their robustness and elegance.

Wood and steel

The fusion of wood and steel is synonymous with contemporary and avant-garde style. This combination offers not only an attractive aesthetic appearance, but also a solid and durable structure. The contrast between the softness of wood and the solidity of steel creates a unique visual balance, ideal for modern and elegant spaces.

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