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Desk chairs and office chairs

When it comes to creating a good working environment, it is essential to have quality office furniture that adapts to the needs of each person, which is why we have the best ergonomic and designer desk chairs. With armrests, with or without wheels, upholstered, height adjustable and adaptable. Combine any of these work chairs with our great desk lamps, creating your perfect work environment. We have a catalogue with a great variety of models and styles, so that you can combine them with the best desks. Get a pleasant working environment with the best products from The Masie!

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Which desk chair to buy?

Depending on the use you are looking to give to your desk chair, it will be advisable to prioritise some aspects or others. If in your case, you are looking for a perfect desk chair to spend long hours working or studying, you have to prioritise that it is an ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable chair. A seat with these characteristics prevents possible back problems, as it will try to correct your posture. Taking all these aspects into account may mean that you have to put aside the design and aesthetics of your room or the room where it will be placed, but at The Masie we think just the opposite, and we can provide comfortable, adaptable and resistant material with attractive, eye-catching and fashionable designs.

Types of office chairs

With armrests for a much more stable support, with or without armrests, upholstered, height adjustable and ergonomic. We are sure you will find your perfect office chair at The Masie.

Modern desk chairs

When we think of a desk chair, we probably think of a traditional office chair or even a chair with an ergonomic backrest, possibly not very pretty and that does not fit in with the rest of the furniture or the design of our home. But the industry and especially chair design has evolved over the last few years, improving its design and, therefore, modernising without losing comfort. Now you can find office chairs in different colours, made with a wide variety of materials, and most importantly, in an infinite number of shapes so you can find the chair that best suits your style.

Desk chairs made from natural rattan

Natural rattan is an exceptional choice for those looking for a stylish and sustainable alternative for their desk chairs. The unique beauty of rattan brings a fresh, organic feel to any workspace, while maintaining a refined style. Our natural rattan desk chairs are designed for comfort and durability, providing a stylish and environmentally friendly option. What's more, this material is also notable for being found in lightweight furniture, so you can move it seamlessly from one room / living room to a different room. This material can also be found in our garden chairs.

Ergonomic office chairs

An ergonomic chair is characterised by its ability to be adjusted according to the user. Its design must be able to adapt to the body and thus redistribute the weight in a balanced way. If you are looking for an ergonomic chair for your office, you have to take into account that the seat should be adjustable in height and depth, with a backrest that can be reclined or swivelled and, most importantly, that the design of the chair should contain curves. This means that, on the one hand, the backrest should not be straight, but should adapt to the curved shape of your back, especially in the lumbar area. On the other hand, the seat should not be completely straight either, but should be slightly inclined to improve the circulation of the legs.

Designed office chairs

If you are looking for your office or office to cause a "wow" effect on everyone who sees it, we recommend that you opt for designer office chairs. This breaks with the canons of traditional chairs and looks for new forms in such a traditional sector.

How do study chairs fit?

How do they fit? To achieve full comfort, it is not enough to buy an ergonomic office chair. We have to adjust it according to our body. That is why we at The Masie would like to give you a few tips so that you can adjust your chair correctly once you have it with you:

1. Adjust the height: to calculate the ideal height for your study chair, you only have to make sure that you rest the soles of your feet completely on the floor and that your legs form a 90º angle. If your chair has adjustable armrests, make sure they are at the same height as your desk.

2. Sit as far back as possible: this is so that your back rests completely against the backrest so that it can fulfil the function for which it was designed. To guide you, calculate that there should be a small space between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees.

3. Adjust the backrest: try to make sure that the backrest follows the natural shape of your spine by finding a position where you are not too slanted.

Benefits of using a comfortable desk chair

As mentioned above, if you spend long hours studying or working in a seated position, having a comfortable and adjustable office chair will prevent potential back problems. But not only does it have preventative benefits, an ergonomic chair can also help you correct minor postural problems that can cause pain or strain on your back, neck and shoulders due to poor posture. Using a comfortable desk chair can help improve your blood circulation and breathing if you adjust it correctly.

Buy the best office chair from The Masie

Combine any of these desk chairs with our great desk lamps, creating your perfect working environment. We have a catalogue with a wide variety of models and styles, so you can combine them with the best desks, create a pleasant working environment with The Masie chairs!

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