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Wooden coat racks

Do you want to have your most common clothes located and tidy? At The Masie we give you the solution, use one of our high quality wooden clothes racks. Each piece is made with high quality wood to offer durability and style. With innovative designs and exquisite finishes, The Masie coat racks add a touch of sophistication to any space in the home.

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Optimise your space with wooden coat racks

Wooden clothes racks are an ideal option to optimise and organise our space in an elegant and practical way. We can categorise clothes according to their frequency of use or season of the year, and divide the rack into sections to facilitate the quick location of the desired garments. Aside from their stylish design, our wooden clothes racks offer exceptional functionality, with hooks and shelves to maximise storage space and keep your clothes tidy and accessible. We also offer a variety of wooden accessories to complement your coat rack, as well as large mirrors to add an extra touch of style to your space.

This type of furniture can be complemented with shoe storage to keep everything we need when it's time to leave the house together and located.

Where to put wooden coat racks

A wooden coat rack can be placed in a variety of locations in your home or office, depending on your needs and design preferences. Here are some suggestions of common places where you can put a wooden coat rack:


Maximise space in the entrance of your home with our stylish wooden coat racks, ideal for organising coats and accessories while enhancing your hallway décor. With this functional and aesthetic solution, you can welcome your guests in comfort and style.


In the work environment, our wooden coat racks offer a combination of minimalism and functionality. Use them as a green space to place plants in small pots, candles or air fresheners, creating a cosy and natural atmosphere. Place them next to your office furniture to create a cosy corner perfect for informal meetings.


Within the bedroom, our versatile wooden storage accessories perfectly complement your furniture, allowing you to hang your everyday clothes neatly and stylishly. This functional and aesthetic solution adds a touch of style and organisation to your personal space, creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

Advantages of wood and metal

The wooden coat racks that we have at The Masie are perfectly assembled with metal. Here are some of the advantages of these materials:


This fusion of materials offers versatility to suit a variety of decorative styles, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.


The combination of textures between the warmth of wood and the solidity of metal brings visual interest to any space, creating harmony between a variety of decorative styles.


The implementation of these materials in our furniture will allow us a much faster and easier maintenance and therefore a much lower time investment.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary wooden coat rack or a more avant-garde design, The Masie has the perfect solution for you. Discover the beauty and versatility of our wooden coat racks and style your space.

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