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Glass Shelves

Glass shelves give a touch of elegance and modernity to your spaces, allowing a clearer and wider space. At The Masie, we have selected the best glass shelves for you to decorate your home or favourite corner with style. From wall shelves to floor standing shelves, our options will suit any room, whether it's the living room, dining room or kitchen. Made of high quality materials, our glass shelves are not only practical, but also make a difference in your decoration - make your spaces shine in style!

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Discover the best glass shelves for your home

When it comes to buying new furniture, we always look for furniture that is functional but at the same time adds a touch of style to our home. Glass shelving is a good option as it adds style and elegance while providing durability and easy cleaning.

How to integrate glass shelves into different styles of decoration

Glass shelves are very versatile. In minimalist environments, their transparency contributes to a sense of spaciousness and order, creating a clean and modern environment. While in more traditional spaces, if we opt for eclecticism, we can combine them with wooden or metal frames, adding an interesting and sophisticated contrast. This will give a personalised and eclectic look.Here are some ideas where you can incorporate your glass shelves:

  • Living room: glass shelves can be placed on the main wall to hold vases, plants or family mementos.
  • Kitchen: shelving can be used between cabinets for extra space to store or display spices or utensils.
  • Bedroom: for books, decorative figurines and candles.
  • Office: behind the desk to store all the files and have an organised and clean space.

What materials do glass shelves combine with?

Combining glass shelves can enhance the aesthetics of any space, giving it a modern and sophisticated touch. Here are some ideas for combining glass shelves in different environments:

  • Wood: mix glass shelves with wooden furniture to create a warm, modern contrast. The wood adds warmth, while the glass adds lightness.
  • Metal: use metal brackets and frames (such as stainless steel or wrought iron) for glass shelves. This adds an industrial and contemporary touch.
  • Marble or stone: combine glass shelves with marble countertops or walls for a luxurious and elegant look.

A possible example of a combination would be to have glass shelves with black metal brackets on a wall painted in shades of grey. You add LED lighting at the bottom of each shelf to highlight the books and decorative objects placed on them and combine it with a grey sofa and a neutral-toned rug for a cosy, modern space.

In this way you manage to combine the glass shelving creating a balance between materials, colours and functionality achieving a harmonious and attractive design.

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