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Dining tables

A dining table is an essential part of a home, that's why at The Masie we offer you a variety of dining tables made of wood, glass and steel, among many other materials, so you can find the one that suits your style and needs. Combine it with our dining chairs and a designer and modern vases! Discover in our catalog the height-adjustable dining tables, extendable and suitable for outdoors.

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The importance of having a good dining table

Choosing a good dining table is a crucial decision when furnishing your home. First of all, we can say that this piece of furniture becomes the epicentre of family and social gatherings. It is the place where we share not only food, but also unforgettable moments with our loved ones. A spacious and well-designed dining table facilitates interaction and connection, making it the perfect setting for family dinners, celebrations and gatherings with friends.

The durability and strength of the dining table are also crucial aspects to consider. This piece of furniture is exposed to constant and sometimes intensive use, so opting for quality materials ensures its longevity. At The Masie we have top quality materials, such as our mango wood or tempered steel, which you can enjoy for many years to come.

From a design point of view, the dining table plays a key role in the overall aesthetics of the home. Its size, shape and style can completely transform the perception of a space. A well-chosen table becomes a decorative element in its own right, complementing the overall style of the interior décor. At The Masie we offer a modern and attractive design line, both for a public that wants to keep up with the latest trends and for the more daring.

How to choose the best dining room table with The Masie

- Define the space available in your living room and the shape of the room before choosing a dining table to fit your home.

- Choose the decorative style you want for your living room and find among all our designer dining table models.

- Choose the materials for your dining table. You can find models in wood, glass, steel, aluminium and much more!

- Finally, all that remains is to choose your favourite shape: it can be rectangular, round or square.

Types of dining tables

Choosing the right dining table for your home is no easy task, as there are currently an infinite number of different types of dining tables. Here is a summary of the most important models to consider:

Extendable dining tables

The extendable dining table is a very versatile piece of furniture, thanks to its functional design it allows you to adapt its size according to your needs. It can be converted into a large or small dining table depending on the occasion and the number of guests. You can find our extendable tables in different materials, such as wood, aluminium or metal that give a different touch to the design of your living room.

Round living room tables

Our round dining tables provide many benefits for those who decide to include them in their homes. Firstly, thanks to their shape, they eliminate angles and a small space conveys a greater sense of spaciousness. Because of their layout, their use creates a much closer and more direct atmosphere.

Rectangular dining tables

The rectangular dining table is the most suitable for large spaces and for hosting a large number of guests. They are also often thought to be the most elegant option, especially for homes with plenty of space available for furniture placement.

Dining table sizes

Dining tables come in different sizes and shapes. Make sure you know what size table best suits your dining area before choosing your table. Here's a quick overview to help you get a clear idea of the most important points.

Small dining room tables

Our small living room tables are a great way to help tidy up your space. Smaller than the traditional size, but still functional and original. Add one to any empty spot in your living room, or use two on either side of your sofa or chair to help create the illusion of more floor space. Here we could find dining tables for 6 people.

Large lounge tables

Perfect for celebrating any meal or event with many diners. Here you can find our dining tables for 8 people or if you are going to celebrate events and meetings with many people, we recommend our dining tables for 12 people.

What materials are The Masie's dining tables made of?

At The Masie we help you choose the material for your dining table according to your needs and the decorative style of your home.

Wooden dining room tables

Wooden dining tables are essential in any home, especially for those who want to give their home a personal and warm touch. We offer you a wide selection of models and finishes to choose from. The type of wood will determine the decorative style of your living room.

Crystal dining room tables

Glass dining tables are an excellent option for small living rooms where you want to achieve a feeling of light and spaciousness. The tempered glass of our dining tables is scratch resistant and easy to clean. This type of dining table is very elegant and modern. If you have any questions during the purchase process, you can contact our customer service department so that they can provide you with personalised attention.

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