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Wooden tables

Wooden tables are a timeless and versatile choice for any home. They can convey elegance in the dining room or add warmth to any type of kitchen. We have several options in natural and solid wood in a variety of styles and colours.

In addition to their innate beauty, wooden tables stand out for their durability and resistance, guaranteeing years of use without losing their charm. Their versatility makes them perfect for integration into modern, avant-garde or minimalist environments, thanks to the quality of their manufacture and their ability to adapt to different decorative styles. Below you can see a selection of the best pieces from The Masie collection.

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Wood has never left our lives

Wood has proven to be a very important element in interior design over the years. Nowadays, it is still an essential component in modern decoration styles, thanks to its warm feeling, which is very difficult to replicate through other materials.

That is why we can still find it in current decoration magazines, exhibitions or in the most avant-garde homes. We also recommend you to take a look at our wooden chairs for a complete and winning experience.

MDF Tables : The best technology

When we talk about MDF we refer to Medium Density Fibreboard, which guarantees that a table is made from synthetic wood fibres. This translates into a higher quality in the final product, as well as being much easier to cut and adapt to any type of project. The MDF wooden tables are the queens of customisation.

Organise every space in your home

At The Masie we love to take care of every corner. Attention to detail makes the difference in every home. Here are some ideas for placing your wooden tables in a modern and functional environment.

Wooden tables for the dining room

When we think of a dining room, the mental image of a large, sturdy wooden table with the capacity to seat several guests probably comes to mind.

This image has evolved, and with the latest technology available we can manufacture beautiful tables available in various colours and finishes so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are smaller and are placed in the centre of the living room. They are perfect for placing drinks, magazines or decorations, and usually have a more decorative design. We recommend complementing it with a beautiful wooden sideboard, ideal for storing your most precious crockery or collection.

Garden tables for the outdoor garden

The garden is another place where you can make use of our stunning wooden tables. For this area it is advisable to choose top quality materials, as being in the open air means that we can be subject to temperature changes of great contrasts.

That's why we recommend tables made of wood and aluminium, whose design is perfectly suited to garden life.

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