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Center tables

Although, a priori, it may have a secondary role in the decoration of our living room or dining room, we cannot neglect the acquisition of a designer centre table, as functional as it is decorative, which will serve as a support when we enjoy a moment of relaxation together with your designer sofa and/or designer pouffes. A good coffee table in accordance with the decorative style of the room in question, will be the icing on the cake that completes a harmonious decoration. At The Masie we are aware of this and we offer you a section of coffee tables with spectacular designs and made of different materials, so that you can find your ideal option.

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Buy Center Tables for Your Living Room

A center table completes your living room, giving it a character of its own. It's the perfect place to stack magazines or simply put your feet up after a long day. Complete your living room furniture with our center tables; there are limitless options! Whether you prefer just one in your living room or want to combine it with another of a different size, you're in the right place. Choose from all our options of original and modern center tables for your living room at The Masie.

How to Choose the Best Center Tables for Your Living Room

There are many factors to consider when choosing a center table. Primarily, it should adapt to your room and the design used in it. At The Masie, we want to make it easy for you; we offer a wide variety of modern center table styles and shapes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your home. Firstly, you should think about the room's size to get an idea of the dimensions your center table should have. Secondly, the living room's decorative style is also essential when selecting a center table that matches the rest of the room. Thirdly, we recommend considering the purpose of the table, whether it's a decorative piece or something more.

Types of Center Tables

Our selection of stylish center tables includes a wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials. From elegant glass and metal center tables to wooden center tables with storage options. Choose from our entire catalogue one that fits your living room, dining room, or entryway.

Small Center Tables

Small center tables are a great way to add style to your living room. Being small and discreet, these low tables won't clutter the room, and you can place them in almost any space. They can also stand alone as unique pieces or be part of a larger design scheme. Add a cosy touch and make it feel like a homely place to gather with family, friends, and neighbours. Center tables are the heart of a living room because they help create the illusion of more space than there really is in the room. Take a look at our contemporary collection of small center tables for the living room and find one that fits perfectly in your space. Create the perfect combination with our center tables on one of our living room rugs.

Round Center Tables

Start your living room set with our elegant and functional round center tables. From solid wood center tables to round glass center tables, there are many options to choose from. We also offer a wide range of sizes, from the smallest that fits in tight spaces to the largest that can serve as additional seating or be used as the main table in your living room in homes with limited space.

Square Center Tables

Bring any space to life with our contemporary rectangular center tables. Rectangular or square, our center tables are perfect for small rooms as they make the most of the space in the room and give you more space. Center tables are generally the most time-spent furniture in the house surrounded by friends and family. Therefore, at The Masie, we are aware that our square center tables must be comfortable and practical in terms of their technical features, as well as visually attractive.

Wooden Center Tables

Wooden center tables bring a rustic style and warm tone to your living room. Wood has always been and will continue to be a natural material that is part of our surroundings. This characteristic makes furniture and decorative items made of wood stand out.

Glass Center Tables

Our glass center tables are ideal for smaller living rooms where you want to achieve a greater sense of space and brightness. Glass, like our other materials, is a material that offers the possibility of combining styles from different eras or easily creating your own style. Glass in center tables adds elegance and modernity, primarily used for designer furniture, as is the case with our tables.

Center Tables, the Central Element for Your Living Room

At The Masie, we know that the most important aspect when choosing a center table is that it adapts to your needs and your space, so choose from our tables of different sizes, finishes, shapes, and materials. You have tables suitable for any decorative style: vintage, rustic, contemporary, minimalist... Modern center tables, elegant center tables, etc. Choose from our wide variety!

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