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Alejandra Pombo

Interior Design Studio

Antique treasures in a rural setting. Alejandra Pombo's house combines antique pieces with the warmth of a rustic decoration, achieving a perfect balance between the traditional and the cosy."

How do you define the "soul" of an interior design project and how do you manage to infuse that quality into your creations?


I believe that the ‘soul’ of a project lies in the ability to capture the essence of the client and that of the space itself. My approach is based on creating an emotional connection with the environment, using design elements that evoke positive feelings and memories. It has to reflect the personality, values or dreams of those who inhabit it. It's not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing space, but creating an environment that resonates emotionally and tells a story for the client, THEIR story.

Garden furniture

What challenges do you commonly face in your design projects and how do you overcome them?


Each project in terms of the space itself and the type of client, is a world unto itself. Challenges of "making magic" with layouts happen to us on a daily basis. Unexpected structural conditions, respecting the client's expectations. Creating new spaces and managing deadlines are daily challenges; integrating technology ... it is important to be very well planned and know how to adapt to the twists and turns in the project. We must always be open to creative and strategic solutions.

How do you keep up to date with trends and developments in the field of interior design?


Inspiration is super important, travel, for example, photos you take of a special door 5 years ago and I use it for a project that you clearly visualise that it is the style that has to breathe... I read a lot about the sector, social networks, trend reports, never forgetting the classic or what has been developed to date... I try to keep up to date with the things that are moving at the moment.


"A well thought-out space can create environments that promote comfort, functionality and harmony, but at the same time contribute to people's physical and emotional wellbeing."

What advice would you offer to someone who is designing their own personal space in terms of expressing their unique style and creating a welcoming and functional environment?


What I was saying earlier about it being so important to know your client, it applies the same with yourself. Be very clear about what you want, look for inspiration, look for a colour palette that you feel comfortable with, as well as textures and materials and above all personalise it with things that make sense to you, make your space special. Prioritise functionality, invest in key pieces and always bear in mind the importance of lighting.

Garden furniture
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Table linen
"I have important or iconic pieces, but for me, the first pieces I bought with my first salary in an antique shop are the most special."
Table linen Table linen
How does your home reflect your personality and personal style?

Making a buttercream... from breaking the shells and separating the egg whites to watching it whip for 15 minutes to reach the perfect silk point. It's something so simple, so elementary... it brings me back to basics, reminds me to be patient and reaffirms that I have to trust the process... If you have the time it becomes a very relaxing process.

"Home is, good lighting, comfort and that your home speaks about you."

Garden furniture

Why did you choose The Masie?


It is a brand that takes care of the design, quality-price is very accurate and that is why it is a perfect complement for many of our projects. It has a wide range for sober pieces and other more surprising ones. It is very versatile.

Table linen Table linen
Fav piece by The Masie

All the side tables.

A colour

Depends on the space and the project, but white never fails.

Favourite style

I don't have one, for each project there is a perfect style, I don't have a special one. Each project has its own style and I don't feel uncomfortable in any of them.

Country or city

My favourite place is the swamp where I have countryside, water and it's my place to disconnect.


Pascua Ortega without a doubt, I've learned a lot in his studio, I'm a fan of Lázaro Rosa Violán, I admire him and all the projects he does, but also his level of businessmanship. Other than Spanish, Kelly Wearstler.